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MG engined Buchanans

Wal Mitchell leading John Reaburn at Phillip Island 1961


Buchanan MG

Morris 10 chassis
Buchanan Pontiac special built 1950s by Peter De Mac in Adelaide on a Morris 10 chassis with Pontiac V8 engine. It had a metal hardtop coupe style body with steel roof grafted on which was actually derived from a VW Beatle..  Without cutaway wheelarches at the front.  One of six bodies built this way. Owned by Dave Murray, SA.  Now on MGB chassis

MG "Y" type chassis
"Wal Mitchell" Buchanan MG special: body # 38
built by East Burwood Motors in Victoria on a shortened and lightened MG "Y" chassis.  One of two Buchanans raced by "Wal" Mitchell 1960-61. MGA engine and gearbox now fitted.  Under restoration 2007, owned by Mathew Liersch and Clark Watson, Albury/Woodonga VIC

TC chassis
"Dorcas" Buchanan MG
special,  built by Tom Corcoran 1957 on MG TC. Raced at Bathurst Easter meeting 1958.  Whereabouts unknown

Buchanan MG special,  built George Websdale in 1958 on MG TC. Raced at Bathurst Easter meeting 1958.  Whereabouts unknown

Buchanan MG special,  built Gordon Monk and Gordon Drummer in 1959 on MG TC.  Cream in colour.  Whereabouts unknown

"Birdcage" Buchanan MG special,  built by the Ferrington brothers in the 1950s on a "Birdcage" style chassis with MG TC mechanicals. Car was broken up

Buchanan MG special,  built  Fred Dyke of Swift Service Station, Buchanan distributor for QLD, in 1958. Whereabouts unknown

TD chassis
Buchanan MG special: body # 2 built 1957 by N. H. Buchanan Motor Co. Pty. Ltd. in Annandale, Raced by Bruce Maher at Mount Druitt, June 1957.  In TAS owned by Graham Springer

Buchanan MG special,  built ?  with MG TD chassis and motor.  Abandoned in wrecking yard north of Sydney, NSW.  Owned by unknown


Buchanan MG special: body # 55 built ? by ? with MG TD chassis, suspension and motor. Restored by Adrian Daniel, MG 1500 motor. In TAS owned by Wayne Clark

TF chassis
Buchanan MG hardtop special: body #1 by Bill Weeks in 1957. First Buchanan race car, Strathpine March 1957. Buchanan hardtop and seats added 1958. Road Registered QLD NAF417 Featured in SCW March 1958 and Motor Manual Monthly March 1958. Whereabouts unknown

"John Kinsella" Buchanan MG special built 1957 by John Kinsella in Linfield, NSW. Road registered NSW APR769. Whereabouts unknown

Buchanan MG special: body #122 built by Ian Michels, QLD Cutaway filled in on front wheel arch.  Owned by Mike Gehde, QLD

Buchanan MG special,  built Ron Hodgson in 1959 on MG TF. Raced at Bathurst Easter meeting 1959.  Whereabouts unknown

Buchanan MG special built 1959 by Paul Michael Brown in Greenacre, NSW. Road registered NSW.  MGA 1500 motor and gearbox fitted 1961. Owned by Neville Daniel, Adelaide SA

MGA chassis
Buchanan MGA special built 1950s by ?  Owned by John Barnett, Rhodes, NSW

Buchanan MGA special built 1950s by ?  Owned by Graeme McPhillip, NSW

Buchanan MGA special built 1950s by?  Believed originally to have been on a Singer/MG chassis and raced in 1950/60s.  Body has repaired crash damage on both front and rear left guards.  Chassis replaced with an early MGA and associated MGA running gear in the early 1960’s. Car has original Buchanan options including, windscreen, bucket seats, hardtop, etc.  Previous owners believed to include; Gordon Dowthwaite, Brown Brothers, Charles ‘Chuck’ Eassie and Rob Rowe. Currently owned by Neil Marshall, Blue Mountains NSW

Rizzo chassis
"Gladiator" MG special built 1957 in NSW by Barry Taylor with lightweight Buchanan body.  Raced by Barry Taylor 1958-60. Owned by Dick Willis, Holden engine fitted, body modified

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